Tuesday, 13 April 2021

My blog profile - Alyvia

 Hello, my name is Alyvia. I am Tongan and I live with my mum, nana and my little brother. I have one sibling and his name is Levi. I go to St Patrick’s School. I am in year 5. My favourite sport  is netball and my favourite subject is MATH. I love math. My favourite food is sushi and my favourite hobby is video calling with friends. My goal is to be a good person to other people all the time and be a nurse like my mum..

Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Chicks in Room 6

Today day is the eleventh day of having the eleven chicks in our classroom. They are leaving after morning tea and Jo will be taking them back to the farm to see their mum and dad ( I think it is their first time to see them.) My favourite thing was when I held them because they were so so soft and cuddly. 
It was so sad to see the chicks go :(  I miss the chicks and I wish I could go and hold them one more time.  I wonder if we will ever get to have chicks again.

Tuesday, 17 November 2020

My new dictionary

Yesterday Mrs
Kearns and her friend Carol came to our school and gave all year 4's new Dictionaries. It was so exciting . 20,000 children in New Zealand, Tonga and Samoa got dictionaries last year from the Rotary Club.  They said they have been coming to Saint Patrick's for ten years. I think we are very lucky to get new Dictionaries to help us with our learning.

Tuesday, 20 October 2020

The Best Day of My Life

                       The Best Day of My Life

During the holidays my baby cousin came to my house. Me, my mum, my baby brother and baby cousin went to the park close by. 

We had so much fun running around and playing on the swings and slides. The little kids were laughing and laughing. They kept asking for more.

Later we went to the shop. We bought some food. It was ice cream which melted down my throat. It was so yummy and just what I needed after all that playing. 

After that we went back to my aunty’s house and we were all happy but also very tired. It was such a fun day.  

Tuesday, 22 September 2020

  My Whakapapa Story

Hi I have Whakapapa about my family.  I have used colours in my picture to describe them. My nana is a yellow koru. She is yellow because she is brave and I am purple because it’s my favourite colour. My baby brother is blue because he is a boy and my mum is purple because she is happy. My Aunt is orange because she looks ironing. The heart in the middle is the people who have died. The heart is red because I love them and the orange around the red is warm and makes me smile because they are funny.  

Sunday, 9 December 2018

Why littering At The Beach is Bad?

Learning Goal: We are learning to write a persuasive text.
Success criteria: I know I can do this when I can express my point of view and support it with evidence. 

I believe that littering at the beach is nasty.  When people throw their plastic bags at the beach the get stuck over the heads of the sea creatures. They suffocate and die. The fishing lines and fishing nets get tangled around their neck. They will drown and die.
I suggest that people should show respect to our environment by taking their rubbish home. 
                                                                         By Alyvia

How Volcano Works?

In Room 2 we are interested to learn how volcano works. 
When the volcano erupts the hot lava flows down the sides of the mountain. The lava turns into rocks when it cools down. The ash cloud goes up into the atmosphere. The atmosphere gets warmer and warmer and the ice will melt. The sea will rise and the flat islands will sink into the ocean.
                                                   By Alyvia