Sunday, 9 December 2018

Why littering At The Beach is Bad?

Learning Goal: We are learning to write a persuasive text.
Success criteria: I know I can do this when I can express my point of view and support it with evidence. 

I believe that littering at the beach is nasty.  When people throw their plastic bags at the beach the get stuck over the heads of the sea creatures. They suffocate and die. The fishing lines and fishing nets get tangled around their neck. They will drown and die.
I suggest that people should show respect to our environment by taking their rubbish home. 
                                                                         By Alyvia

1 comment:

  1. Hello there Alyvia, I read your persuasive text with great interest. I definitely
    agree with you. When people leave their rubbish at the beach they endanger the lives of our sea creatures and disrespect our shared environment. Well done!